Medical Insurance Included: Your Health, Our Priority

Welcome to the Holistic Approach of Easy Freelance. You're not just building a career here; you're also building a life. And life, as we know, can throw curveballs. That's why, at Easy Freelance, we include medical insurance in all our freelance setup and visa packages. Because you shouldn’t have to choose between a thriving career and well-being.

Included, Not Optional

"Every Easy Freelance package comes with medical insurance included. No add-ons, no extra checkboxes, just a simple, comprehensive plan that has your back while you focus on what you do best."

Mark Stephens
Head of Freelance

The All-Inclusive Experience with Added Peace of Mind

📑 Basic Coverage: It's not just about getting by; it's about living well. Our basic coverage meets all legal requirements and provides you with the essential medical security you need.

🌈 Premium Options: Need more extensive coverage? We offer premium options that can be tailored to suit your unique needs. From specialty care to advanced treatments, we have you covered.

📋 BYO (Bring Your Own): Already have a plan you love? No problem. Feel free to arrange your own insurance. We are flexible because life is too.

Why Does This Matter?

🌱 Whole-Person Focus

A transparent process creates a trustworthy relationship. We’re in it for the long haul, not just a one-off transaction.

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💪 Freedom to Choose

Our flexible plans and the option to bring your own insurance give you the freedom to customize your safety net.

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🏥 Continuous Care

With Easy Freelance, you're always covered. From day one until you decide otherwise.

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Ready for a Plan that Cares for You?

Contact Us today to find a package that's just as concerned about your health as it is about your freelance freedom.