What Are The Benefits of a Mainland Freelance Visa Setup?

Unlock the Full Spectrum of Freelancing Opportunities in the UAE Mainland with Easy Freelance


If you're a freelancer who's set your sights on the golden sands and limitless horizons of the UAE mainland, then you're on the verge of an exciting journey.

But first things first: Let's talk about why opting for a Mainland Freelance Visa is more than just a good idea—it's your ticket to a thriving freelance career, built on a rock-solid foundation.

The New Frontier: Why the UAE Mainland?

Freelancing is often seen as a path of least resistance, a way to flexibly navigate the modern professional landscape. But let’s elevate that thought: Imagine freelancing not just as a survival strategy, but as a growth strategy, a ladder to untold heights.

The UAE mainland is that ladder. It’s a dynamic, ever-expanding market that's buzzing with activity and ripe with opportunity.

The rules are not just lenient; they’re conducive. The culture is not just accepting; it’s nurturing. The question then isn't "Why freelance in the UAE mainland?" The real question is, "Why would you freelance anywhere else?"

The Targeted Advantages

🌍 Unlimited Access to the UAE Market

A Mainland Freelance Visa isn’t just a permit; it’s a passport to a thriving market. Gain unlimited access to a vast network of opportunities in sectors like tech, healthcare, finance, and media, untethered by regional restrictions.

👨⚖️ Legal Legitimacy

Working under a Mainland Freelance Visa ensures that you're fully compliant with UAE regulations. It's not just about peace of mind—it’s about securing a reputation as a trustworthy professional.

🔄 Operational Flexibility

Mainland Freelance Visas offer an unparalleled degree of flexibility. Whether it's the type of projects you can take on or the clients you can work with, the rules are designed to be as flexible as your skill set.

💼 Corporate Opportunities

The power of a Mainland Freelance Visa extends into the corporate world, giving you the chance to subcontract with large organizations and even government entities.

💰 Tax Advantages

As of the last update in 2021, personal income tax is a non-issue in the UAE. Keep a larger share of your earnings and invest it back into growing your freelance business.

🛡️ All-Inclusive Packages with Easy Freelance

Not only do you gain all these advantages with a Mainland Freelance Visa, but when you set it up through Easy Freelance, you’re offered an all-inclusive, transparent package that covers all bases—from residency and work permits to medical insurance.


In a nutshell, a Mainland Freelance Visa isn't just a piece of paper. It’s a multi-faceted tool that offers unparalleled freedom, legitimacy, and opportunity.

When you entrust the setup process to Easy Freelance, you’re not just solving a logistical challenge—you're unlocking a world of professional potential.

So, why limit your capabilities and ambitions?

Dive into the expansive ocean of opportunities that is the UAE mainland. With a Mainland Freelance Visa setup through Easy Freelance, the horizon isn't just a line you look at; it's a boundary you continually cross.